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IGES Import in to Vectorworks


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I am currently trying to get an .iges file in to VW 9.5.3 and I have been unable to do so. After reading the thread about vectorworks 10 being able to do so I tried it on my friends Mac (they run VW 10.1.2 on OS X 10.2.6) I did the BBEdit procedure and all that happens is the program hangs when I try to import the file (I get the spinning beach ball of death). Any Ideas?

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It may take a while to import, depending on how complex the geometry is, how large the file is and the speed of the computer.

I've seen files take about 40 minutes to import, just because they are so complex.

If it doens't open after 30 minutes or so, email the file to tech support at tech@nemetschek.net and someone will take a look at the file.

Please note, the general office is closed until Jan 2, 2004.

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I've had some IGES imports from Solid Works that took a very long time to process (complex mechanical assemblies imported as a single file), and when imported the line and object relationships made them for all intents and purposes impossible to edit. Single lines or arcs came in as many segments, NURBS surfaces as many individual surfaces, etc.

My solution was to import the various parts as individual files, compose them in VW, and reassemble the object in VW. You might try importing a small part of the file, maybe a single object, to prove the process. It would also show you the kind of results you will get.


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Through my continual investigation of the time it takes to import an IGES with various configurations of Vectorworks preferences I have found that the speed and accuracy of the import are contingent on the 3D conversion resolution settings. The higher the setting the faster the import. I found with a low or normal setting the import didn't happen, high and very high 3D conversion resolution were the most accurate and quick. Thanks for the input.

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