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standard office symbols

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I am creating a standard details (i.e.-eve detail, footing detail,etc) library that our office can use on a regular basis. You know, so we don't have to keep drawing them over and over again. Could anyone give me some ideas on how to organize the library so we dont have to sort through hundreds of details?

Thanks in advance.

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You can use foldrs:

Building Products

00 - Procurement & Contracting Reqs

01 - General Requirements

02 - Existing Conditions

03 - Concrete

04 - Masonry

05 - Metals

06 - Wood, Plastics, & Composites

07 - Thermal & Moisture Protection

08 - Openings

09 - Finishes

10 - Specialties

11 - Equipment

12 - Furnishings

13 - Special Construction

14 - Conveying Equipment

21 - Fire Suppression

22 - Plumbing

23 - HVAC

25 - Integrated Automation

26 - Electrical

27 - Communications

28 - Electronic Safety & Security

31 - Earthwork

32 - Exterior Improvements

33 - Utilities

34 - Transportation

35 - Waterway & Marine Construction

40 - Process Integration

41 - Material Processing/Handling Eq.

42 - Proc. Heating/Cooling/Drying Eq.

43 - Process Gas/Liquid Handling...

44 - Pollution Control Equip.

45 - Industry-Specific MFG Equip.

48 - Elec. Power Generation

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I would organize the details according to the type of building construction. Wood, masonry-block, masonry-brick, steel, mixed steel and wood, etc.

Within those categories, I would then organize them by level: below grade walls, footings, floor to footing, 2nd floor, 3rd floor (if it's different from 2nd floor), and roof details.

Also, I found that pieces of details which can be assembled into complete details sometimes makes things easier. I used to do that with AutoCad all the time. Even if the parts aren't perfectly sized, you can stretch them to fit. I had cross sections for all the standard steel members, wood members and trusses. Then I could plop them in and assemble a detail.

There are all kinds of possibilities to make the work quicker and easier.

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So would it be easier to put arrange the folders in the library, so I could access then through the resource browser or is there a better place for them to go?

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