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Wall Artifact showing in render


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I have a situation where I have doors that extend below the "bottom plate" of the wall, into the foundation (garage doors). I have notched the foundation walls around the door bottoms, and that works fine. The problem comes from the ground floor walls. They leave a line across the doors at the bottom plate. I've attached a somewhat rude pdf of the problem. Line is there in wireframe (although hard to see) and in open GL and Final Render, but does not show up in Hidden Line. Any one else have this problem, or have a fix?

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How did you notch the foundation? Did you split it and do it manually or did you use wall peaks?

If you used wall peaks, just do the same thing to notch around the upper wall to remove then line across the bottom of the wall.

This was discussed in this thread:



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Thanks Pat. I will do that. I edited the foundation (lower walls) with the 3d reshape tool manually.

It seems to me that this is a bug. The R/Os are created by inserting the doors in to the Ground floor walls, those lines should not be there.

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I tend to agree that the lines should not be there, but I can see from a programming point of view why they are.

They are defining the "edge" of the wall. I don't think there is enough inteligence in the wall object (any maybe not in my brain) to be able to correctly figure every situation to display or not the wall edge.

The decision to always show it and allow the user to notch around the small percentage of objects that need it seems to be a fairly good solution.


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