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Wall Styles and Class overides


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Why don't wall styles respond to class overrides? I have a design layer with the foundation drawn using 2 wall styles, the footing and the foundation wall. Both walls are in separate classes having a class fill, line and texture. On a sheet layer I would like to show both in plan with the foundation a solid line, solid white fill, and the footing shown with no fill and a dashed line. I can't get class overrides in the VP to have any effect on the look of the walls. I thought this was at the heart of the 'draw it once' methodology of VW2008?

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The reason for this problem is that NNA removed the ability to set the line, style and colour of Wall Components by Class when they 'upgraded' VW from v12.5 to v2008.

I had a big discussion about this with Katie a while back but didn't get anywhere:



Presumably there is a very good reason why they removed this capability but it's not one I can fathom.

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Well, There isn't a real problem. You just have to know how the new walls are put together.

1. You have a wall. This wall can have a class and a thickness (through components or through the users input). This wall is drawn first.

2. The wall have components. These can have a different class then the wall itselfs. These components have a thickness and are drawn above the wall itselfs. So this is why you uncheck 'show components' helps with the described problem. You can also just set the classes of the components off.

3. the only real problem is the stacking order of the components that can't be changed by the user.

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