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Your subject title differs from your question. Have you already defined plants and put them on your plan and you want to put them on a plant list? Or do you want to know how to define your own plants and get them onto your plan?

Have you already created a plant worksheet or dragged on a pre-made plant list? If so, double click it so opens in a new window. Look for a little down arrow, beneath the title and click on it. In the drop menu, choose 'recalculate' and all the plantsyou've put on the plan will now appear on your list.

If this is not the info you're looking for, then please clarify your question :)


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To add plants to the database, NNA supply a version of Filemaker, a 'standalone' database front end. You can enter Filemaker via the Landmark/VW Plants Database.

If you want to bulk load plants from an existing list, for instance you may have a plant list in an Excel spreadsheet, there are other ways of importing to the database. This involves mapping fields from you database to the VW format. This is totally specific to the input file format so there is no generic answer that fits all requirements.

Once the plants are in the database, you need to create a plant list (or more than one) to make the plant visible to the VW plant tool under the various categories. You do this from within filemaker using the file/create vectorworks plant lists. Hint: don't make plant lists too large otherwise they will take time to load.

The plants will then show up in the plant tool under the category that you specified in the plant list.

Always a good idea to back up data before playing around with it.

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