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Gradient Fills


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I am completing a 2D landscape plan for a client. I have colour filled the plant symbols.

1. As a result I cannot turn the "Plant" class off as I can with other classes or prior to the colour fill? Any suggestions or comments.

2. I cannot change the gradient fills in the plant class?


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Don't forget that the plant's various components (outline, fill, tag) each have their own class and when you created that plant, the symbol as a whole falls into whatever class you had active at the moment, even if it's components are in different classes. If you want to turn off (do you mean make invisible?)the plants, make sure you change the visibility of the class that you put your plants in.

I have no idea why you can't change the gradient aftewards. How did you get the gradient there in the first place? Double clicking the symbol and then choosing Edit 2D component, should allow you to change the gradient.

Do you mean you want to make the gradient/fill invisible?

You need to be more specific with your questions, or few folks will be willing to answer them!

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