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Wall component joining

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It seems that wall component joining, as VW currently stands, is a rather spotty thing. However, I'm not quite clear as to what I can realistically expect to achieve. Specifically, if I am joining two walls of different overall thicknesses, say at a 90? corner, that each have outer components of the same thickness, should I expect these to join correctly (because they're not). Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is VW simply not up to the task yet?

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If you have a wall with different component thicknesses in various locations, e.g. a masonry cavity wall with varying inner or outer leaf thicknesses, the wall won't join properly at corners unless you construct each component as a separate wall element. Easiest way to do this is to form the outer leaf, say, then select it and use the offset tool to place the inner leaf the correct distance from it. If the outer and inner leafs are different thicknesses, you can correct one of them through the Object Info pallette.

Working this way is fiddly but doable and it takes time. For example window and door insertion isn't a simple task. In some complex masonry projects (see illustration of one I'm working on at the current time), there isn't really an option.

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For window and door insertion under these circumstances, I tend to place windows in the outer leaf, offset as needed, then close the inner leaf at the jamb.

Tedious, but I don't know another fix to the problem you mentioned in your original post, Marcus. If there is one that allows the various wall components to be combined into one wall element, I'd be glad to hear of it.

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