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Yes you have to make one. But it is simple. You can use Renderworks Backgrounds.

1. Create new Renderworks Background in your file (if you don't already have one).

2. If you want a simple blue sky-> Background -> Two Color. Default gives you blue

top, white bottom. You can edit these as you like.

3. Edit your desired Design Layer and set the RW Background you just made.

Render away. You can also choose to just use the RW Background on a viewport,

rather than on your design layers, but then you just won't see the Sky when you

are working/ doing walkthroughs on the model.


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Hey, yes i can set this option. I can set the HDRI lighting to sunrise. This is the only option, but it say's that it doesn't contains HDRI information, when i try out use it.

P.s. I can't open this .vwx version of backgrounds you posted, i use a 12.5 student edition. Is there a way to import this or something ells?

Thanks for helping out.

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If you are a student or faculty member, then you can get VW 2008 for FREE!

Yes FREE. It does put an "VW Educational Version" watermark on your prints,

but other than that it is a fully functional version of VW 2008 Designer.

I suggest you make the move, it is a world of difference from VW12.5

To get it, just go to:


You just need a bit of info about your department head and they will either mail you an installation DVD for free or you can download the very large installation folder right from the site linked above.

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