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Constrained-line dimensioning tool doesn't measure

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Hi & thanks for the fast reply.

In tools >organization > classes there is tick next to none with the dimension class above it. When I put a tick next to the Dimension class I can see the measurements but not the drawing. This hasn't been a problem before with my other drawings.

Ive just high lighted all the parts of my drawing and set the class to Dimension in the object info palette.

I then went back in to tools >organization > classes and put a tick next to dimension under the class name.

I can now see both drawings and measurements.

In my other drawing I had class set to none and I was still able to take and see the measurements using the Constrained-line dimensioning tool.

I'm confused :confused:

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Be sure you have your class settings to be either "Show Snap Others"

or "Show Snap Modify Others" as shown in this screen shot of the

Navigation Palette: picture18eh3.png

I generally work in this "Show Snap Modify Others" setting for Classes,

and "Show Snap Others" for Design Layers. There are times when I change

this for a breif while though depending on what I am doing. I am pretty

sure this is standard practice for most VW users.

See if this is the issue.

Also, it sounds like you are not using the Navigation Palette...you should

try it, it is much faster than going to Tools>Organization...

You can find it under Window>Palettes>Navigation. You can't change

class attributes in it, but you can quickly turn classes and layers on/grey/off.

If this is not helping solve your issue please write again and we'll try to

see what is going on.

By the way...what version of VW are you using, and what type of computer/operating system?

It is suggested that you put that info in your signature so you can

get better assistance.

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Hi Monkey, gmm18

Thanks for the advice but I started the project again and everything seems to be working fine now.

I do have one more question regarding circles.

I have uploaded two screen dumps regarding my question.

Picture 1 shows the radius of the circle Ive created (measurement sh0wn in BLUE) & the measurement of the line that the radius was created from (red).



However when I zoom right into the end of the line and the edge of the circle they don't meet - picture 2



Sorry about the quality of the screen dumps thats MS paint for you lol.

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Lots of things could cause this. Here is a guess:

Dimension objects are set to low precision, so do not display enough decimal places to describe the offset difference


The tangent and radius lines are not actually snapped to the circle. Perhaps there was a mouse twitch and no snap occurred, or VW snapped to a snapgrid point (if snapgrid is enabled) instead of the circle, or to an angle alignment, or to some other locus such as center of some off screen arc etc


One or more of the objects was moved after the dimensions were created - a small, inadvertent drag can happen when selecting and manipulating objects, esp in close zoom.

See if you can make the radius, tangent and dimension objects snap properly in a new test file containing only the objects in question.


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