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mike m oz

Detail Reference Box annotation object

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Jonathon Pickup of Archoncad and I have in a joint effort produced a Detail Reference Box annotation object for VW2008.

For some time we have both lamented the lack of such an annotation object in Vectorworks, so decided to do something about it. What we have produced can be improved upon. Therefore we have decided to post it here as Open Source in the hope that others with better programming skills will improve it and post the result back here.

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I've discovered that the VSO file can't be downloaded for some reason, even though it has uploaded okay (including the slightly revised version I just substituted for the previous one).

It looks as if the VSO file will have to be made available for download elsewhere. Once that is sorted I will post a link back here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I originally made this object for VectorWorks 9 and used it on many, many projects. Mike has amended it to make it look nicer, work better and he got it working in viewports.

thanks mike for your work.

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This is great, thanks guys (got your email Mike). It would be great to see more of this open collaboration on helpful little tools like this. Things would surely move a lot quicker when it comes to problems with plugins. These tools are certainly overdue.

Open sourcing it means NNA can potentially fold it into VW too. Boggles the mind why they don't open source all of their plugins in the first place; they could get a lot of help from VW users to add features and iron out problems, picking and choosing what they need while keeping an eye on the big picture.

By the way, I recommend you choose a licence (probably the GPLv3). "Open Source" is a very broad term. See my email to you; I've tidied up a couple of other aspects too, such as putting the tool in the Dims/Notes category.

Maybe best to zip your files up before uploading to forum (along with the licence). Can we do that?

Edited by Christiaan

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Please disregard previous download, it is not working. I will submit an issue report and I will keep you posted.

Juan P.

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Hi Guys

This is great.

Tried this in Vw2011, very handy.. is there anyway to change the


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Tried that Jonathan, didn't seem to work..

This open source script has really gotten me interested in VScript. Quite powerful. I just started playing around with it this morning.

So I just edited the script to use our firms standard font.


TextFont(GetFontID('insert font name here'));


p.s is there anyway to get this to show on the Object Info Pallette? A drop down list of fonts/font styles?

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