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Updating the title block on all sheet layers at once

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Is there a way to update the title block on all sheet layers at the same time if you make changes to the title block symbol? The only way I seem to be able to make the updated title block appear on the drawing border of any given sheet is to re-select it in the OIP for the drawing border, which is rather tedious, especially if you have to do it for the whole drawing set. Really, I don't understand why the changes to the symbol definition don't appear automatically in each drawing border...

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This is unlikely to help Markus, but.....

For those that prefer a simple title block, placing your graphic (plus primary text) on its own layer will allow global changes to primary information (total page count, date, client name, etc.). Sheet specific info such as sheet titles and individual sheet numbers can be added to each sheet, directly.

Alternate methods from VW Help:


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Robert Anderson posted a script that will update all of the title blocks at the same time. It is posted here:


The changes don't show up immediately because the symbol is not actually used in the drawing. It is just used as a container for the Drawing Border PIO to pull the geometry from. This is becoming a more typical way to work as the same idea is used in parts of Landmark and Spotlight. It may be used in the Use Custom Symbol options for door and window objects also.


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We have a sheet layer w/ just a single title block symbol on it and nothing else. On all the other sheet layers are viewports of that particular sheet layer, with a smaller sheet-specific symbol overtop the lower right hand corner of the title block. That way we make the global changes once on one sheet layer, and sheet specific items on only the sheets that require it.

This seemed to be the simplest way (and the most fool-proof) way of making global changes vs single instance changes.

gotta love viewports :)

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Good catch DWorks.

I have gone back over the script and it appears to be a deep bug in the drawing border object, but it only applies to objects that are set to Use Page Size. If you manually set the border size, you can reset the title blocks without a problem.

I actually wrote a script that goes through layer by layer and resets the borders on that layer, but it still does the same thing.

I am submitting a bug on this.


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