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developed crown moldings


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i asked this a long time ago and didnt get too much help...

is there a way to easily develope a crown molding?

A developed crown molding is when you run crown down the side of- a dormer window, and it needs to meet up with a "normal" positioned crown. usually the "developed" molding is longer and skinnier than the original.

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Easily? Pretty easy, I suppose...

As you said in the other thread, extrude your "base" profile, use the section tool to miter an end while in plan view, from an end view rotate the sectioned solid by your pitch angle, switch to a side view and convert copy to lines, erase all the lengthwise extra lines, select the profile lines that are left and compose them, extrude this poly, from front and side view rotate this extrusion until it matches the top and bottom of the base extrusion, then back to plan view to section (miter) both at the points they meet.

But I too don't know what developed crown is, so maybe I can't help.

Oh, and just grabbing the profile and stretching it various ways doesn't work- see 2nd attached pic. Going from the brown-filled "base" profile to the tan-filled "developed" profile doesn't seem doable by simple 2d manipulation of the profile (I stretched one (green), and then rotated and stretched the other (blue), with significant discrepancies seen on both.

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