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Amy L

Lost day of work when file reverted to earlier date

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After many happy months of using VW 12.5.3 I had yet another productive day yesterday. I saved and backed-up my work to an external hard drive as usual. This morning (Tues.) I return to my folder only to see that the file is dated from Friday, not yesterday (Mon.). I hadn?t renamed the file or placed it in another folder, but I checked out that possibility anyway. The external backup had the old file as well, even though the folder in which I had placed the backup file indicated that a backup was performed late Monday afternoon. So, essentially, I have lost an entire day?s work on about a 12 MB file, despite the fact that I ?saved? every 15 minutes and backed up at the end of the work day yesterday.

Naturally, I called my in-house hardware advisor (hubby). In all our collective years in working with Macs and various software, neither of us has encountered a whole missing day due to a file reverting to an earlier version. We?ve lost plenty of data through crashes and such, but this is a new one. The permissions had just been repaired recently and again after the Monday file went missing.

I generated a Word file on Monday that is current. One other small VW file saved OK. Only this particular VW file did not save and reverted to Friday. The date and time on the computer is up to date. No other issues on this computer have arisen. I have restarted a couple of times.

So, today I redo my lost work, and I plan to backup onto a memory stick hourly to protect updates.

Does anyone else have any idea why this could have happened or experienced the same?

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*scratches head*

Sounds like AutoCAD 13 a little bit...maybe VW is going thru the same growing pains? :(

Condolences on the lost work. I think we all know how terrible it is to have to redo design work because of power/hardware/software failures.

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It sounds more like a fault in the backup software than in Vectorworks.

What program and hard drive are you using?

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Try a SpotLight search by filename... there's a chance that you inadvertently duplicated the file on Friday and then on Monday worked on the copy instead of the original.

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Do you have the option enabled to save every time?

Do you have the option enabled to make a backup instead of overwriting the original file?

If both responses are yes, then look at your file in the backup folder...specially if you

didn't save by command (file-->save) and only by the save reminder.

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