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Vectorworks and... what rendering software?

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Obviously VW is the first choice modelling program due to its ease of use and capabilities, but what program do you suggest to use to create phorealistic renderings?

I have tried C4D but I find it far too complicated to use, especially for interior visuals and renderings.

I am looking to test several programs to see what is :

a) interface/user friendly

b) Gives the best results.

Hard 3DS Max was good but is there a plugin for it?

Thanks :]

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Artlantis Studio 2, with a VW 2008 plug in.

Simple interface and also you can update your VW file, without having to redo, as in SMax.

Allows you to do renders, animations, QuickTime VR animations, Parallel views (Elevations & Plans) and sections

Works on a Mac or Pc, better on a Mac!!

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C4d is logical and easy to use, once you get in. 3dmax looks more complicated to me. Maxwell and Vray functions with Cinema; if you want more quality over cinema. I use cinema with maxwell. I'm happy with the workflow. VW--->C4d--->Maxwell.

I think you should take another look to C4D.

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Thanks for the responses.

I have been messing about with C4D for a few weeks, but I find it impossible to 'walkthrough' my design. It is incredibly easy to create a perspective of a design within VW... I am still trying to work out how to move around my design in C4D, so much so that it became too frustrating and I gave up!

Cant seem to find much advice on the subject on the internet so I am beginning to look for an alternative that is more user friendly. That said, V-ray/Maxwell and C4D results are sublime!

I read some reviews on Artlantis, but I am not too convinced about the final result compared to C4D.

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Mr Gog,

To be honest, I didnt think that the model had to be set up in C4D as well as VW! This is probably where my problem lies! Have you got any suggestions for how I should set it up?

I realised that you can change your view around one object, but you cant change how you view a whole model (like you can in VW). This is what frustrates me when using C4D.

Didnt know about cameras either, but I never use them in VW... not until now anyway.

Surely there must be a book/tutorial website that covers the basics of modelling for architects and designers with C4D?


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Hi Heppy

There are options for viewing in preferences/documents/camera rotation. You should find one that suits your preference. You could use center (for example) and if you want to rotate around an object then select an object, then press the "o" key and then rotate.

Also, I find it wierd you feel 3dstudio is easier than C4D. I don't particularly like all autodesk products because I feel the products are usually un-user-friendly.

Your best bet is VW---C4D which frees/opens up your options with Maxwell, Vray or something else. And contrary to what others may say, this work flow doesn't cost you anytime extra compared to RenderWorks, in fact it might save you some time.

However, RenderWorks still has it's place, like elevations for example.

Hope this helps.

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I think this could help:



On the Vw units there's nothing to do, but in the C4d side you have to be sure of your units settings. The relation form C4d to Vw it's 100 times to 1. 1 meter in VW has to be set to cm(1m=100cm) in C4d. How you are exporting: dxf or plug in? You have to set the scale preferences of import to 100. (Edit-->Preferences-->Import-->DXF or VW import)

Then you configure your units to cm (on C4D).

View Panel --> Frame Scene it;s like --> Fit to page

Hope this helps. Sorry for my english.

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Hi Heppy,

What's used the most, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. AutoCAD case in point. Also, it depends in which circles you are mixing in. If you go to the Maxwell and Fryrender sites, you'll find in the "plug-in" sections, C4D and 3DStudio are even-stevens in terms of "posts" and "replies".

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Everyone seems to be in support of C4D...

That's not my reading... of this thread at least. I see 3 for C4D and 2 for Artlantis with 2 C4D advocates alluding to the fact that it doesn't stand up to item A of your requirements, where Artlantis has a definite advantage.

As to quality, you can view images here.

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I give C4d: A+. It's a fantanstic tool. It's capabilities are powerfull. The user interface is different because it doesn't rely on the os, it's independent. Once you get in you discover a fascinating piece of software, easy and logical.

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