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Next VW release

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Does anyone know when the next VW release will be? We are frustrated dealing with a bunch of bugs in the present version. In particular, workgroup referencing is horendous compared to xref in AutoCAD. The "shifting" issue with referencing when changing the print area is ridicululous. It wastes so much time to close a file after you print it at half scale or on 8 1/2 x11, just because you fear the references might shift.

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To follow up on the Workgroup referencing problem, at the least, VW should associate all paste in place commands, and Workgroup reference insertions with the origin rather the page location. I actually have found an added bug that if you have some layers in a 3d view and you move the page, it changes the reference point on those layers and all the sudden the layers no longer stack or align. I have also had the problem that is not as serious where if you undo a page move, every object on every layer is selected. We have a running joke about this in the office because sometimes it takes 5 minutes for a slower computer to recalculate the locations of every object in the file.

I don't know if you will see the connection, but in the end I think that all of these problems are related to the fact that VW computes object locations based on the page rather than the origin.

Naturally, I am greatly looking forward to a new release.

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