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Shutting off 2d objects when viewing 3d

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You could put the 2D objects into a class (or multiple classes) that you could then turn off when you go to a 3D view.

Saved views are designed to change layer and class visibility as well as the view. You probably want to make at least two. One to turn off the 2D classes and one to turn them back on when you go to Top/Plan view.


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Hey Pat,

is there anything like this that will enable me to totally eliminate any traces of 2D objects from a solid/symbol/object so that i can rotate in any view other than Plan?

Even if i can't find any traces of 2D in my symbols, VW still insists they are Hybrids.


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In a 3D view, Convert To Group. This will loose all of the 2D portion. If you want, you can then Create Symbol to make it back into another symbol.

If you want to do it manually, make sure all classes are set to Visible and the Class Options are Show/Snap/Modify Others. Edit the symbol from the Resource Browser and select the 2D part. Select All and Delete.


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