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Associactive and Non-Associactive Hatches

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The difference is how you apply them. The exact same hatch can be used as either.

If you apply from the Attributes Palette, it is associative, ie. if you change the object the hatch will adjust to fill the object.

If you apply from the hatch menu command (Modify menu), you get a non-associative hatch. This is actually a new object that happens to have the same shape and position as the object that you clicked in to create the hatch.

With a non-associative hatch you can control the "start" point and the rotation of the hatch. With an associative hatch you are stuck with the original start and rotation of the hatch.


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Can someone tell me or advise where I can find some info on them?

Its all in the manuals and online help. Do you have any manuals? They do not come with upgrades but can be ordered quite cheaply (one for fundamentals and two for design series) from your local Vectorworks reseller.

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An associative hatch is an intelligent object, a re-sizable and re-shapable window into hatch-world. A non-associative hatch is just a Group containing a bunch of lines.

As Ray Libby pointed out in another thread, you can control the start point of an associative hatch by putting it in a Symbol and then moving the symbol to where you want the hatch.

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