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creating hatches with curved lines

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...And you can convert Autocad-type hatches if they're used in a DWG file. Sometimes they're distributed that way, a bunch of hatch patterns used in a DWG file to show what they look like, together with a PAT file that actually contains the hatch definition. If you import the DWG while the PAT is in the same folder, VectorWorks will make its own hatch definition in the VW drawing file. Then you can copy that resource to other files.

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Sorry. I guess I made that sound confusing. I was just talking about importing DWG files and getting whatever hatch patterns are used in them. I didn't mean to suggest that you can import the PAT file itself. There has to be a hatch entity in the DWG file that uses the pattern you want.

And I was saying that sometimes they're distributed that way, as both a PAT and a DWG. But sometimes not, sometimes only as a PAT file, since that's all you really need in Autocad. In that case, we're out of luck.

Experimenting just now, it doesn't seem to matter where the PAT file is. I guess you don't even need it. That's amazing. VW's import facility seems able to figure out the pattern and create a VW hatch, even without the PAT file.

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