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2008 viewer et al

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I have found a work-around when the Usage Rights are Disabled when

you are using the Export-PDF Batch command.

(Yes, if you just use Print, then save as PDF using the OSX features you don't have to deal with this, as Maartin mentioned).

Anyway, the work-around:

Open the Exported PDF in Preview.

Add a small annotation, such as an oval.

Then, without saving, Close the Document

It will immediately ask you if you want to

save it...select YES.

This will RESTORE all of the User Rights to be able to do whatever you want.

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Re: CutePDF - I have the CutePDF Pro pdf writer & editor. While it doesn't recognize a 'secured' pdf file as being 'secured', [one can edit and add pages, etc, even if acrobat says it is secured] if the file you open is 'secured', it'll save out as 'secured'.

The 'Pro' version is $ 50.00 and well worth it.

This last week, when I output a set of 8 pdf documents from VW, 2 read as 'secured' when opened in Acrobat.

I have no idea what would cause some to secure and others not.

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