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Creating print PDF and export DWG vectorscript

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I think this was looked at a few weeks ago and "We" (as a group) decided that there is no way to access the PDF functions via VS. The following was posted to the VectorScript List by Charles Chandler:

Ordinarily, for plug-ins you use the filename (minus the extension), as determined by looking in the Plug-Ins folder:

DoMenuTextByName(?Batch Print?, 0);

DoMenuTextByName(?Export PDF (Batch)?, 0);

For features that are not plug-ins, you have to use the DoMenuTextByName selectors, as found in the VectorScript Appendix:


I?m not seeing ?Export PDF? in the Plug-Ins folder, or in the DoMenuTextByName constants, so there?s no way to call that one. The other two ?should? be callable.

But in a quick test, I can?t get either ?Batch Print? or ?Export PDF (Batch)? to work, though I can call other VectorScript menu commands. So I don?t know what to tell you, expect that you?re probably out of luck. Sorry. :/

You should be able to do the DWG export using the DoMenuTextByName('DXF/DWG Export',0); command.


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This might be a very basic question but I have a batch runner in applescript and I am trying to include a simple print vectorscript for a selection of vw files. The applescript works fine but it breaks down when it tries to run the vs.

Does anyone have a very basic print file script that I can test out?


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