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window & door schedules


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when VW produces schedules for doors & windows you get a lot of columns most of which I dont need is it possible to stop the columns you dont need from showing? also is it possible to change the order they are displayed in the schedules?

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Open the worksheet.

Delete entire columns you don't want by clicking the top to select the

entire column, from the "down arrow" you can select delete

(yes a simple right click with the delete option would be nice)

To change order of the columns:

Click the "down arrow" in the upper right of the worksheet.

Show Header Rows.

Now the row with all of the formulas will appear.

You need to copy and paste the formulas to the columns

You want them to appear, then change the column title.

you can Insert new columns so you don't have to paste

over something and loose it.

While you are here, click on a cell in the header row. Note that

this is the formula that is giving you the results, this is how VW

pulls data from objects in the drawing. There are many more

formulas for doors and windows than they are even showing in

VW's default schedules. One easy way to find out what those

schedule formulas are is by using the PIO cheat sheet worksheet.

PIO cheat sheet worksheet by P.Stanford

Now that you have created your custom door/window schedule,

give it a unique name, and you can import it into future files and use

it again and again without re-building it. Or save it as part of a

Template file, so you will have it right in your Resource Browser

each time you start a new file.

Another great thing is that these are 2-way worksheets, you can change the

door attributes right in the worksheet, which can be handy when you have a

a lot of doors and all you want to do is add exterior trim, but don't want

to go around and click each individual door to do so. Since I don't show

trim info in my door schedules on my finished drawings I have another worksheet

that has almost all of the possible columns of information for doors and windows

in it. I call this my WORKING worksheet, so I can go in there and make changes

there. (Note you can also use Custom Modification, which in some cases is a

better way to make batch changes than using the 2-way worksheets.)

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If you don't want to change the schedule every time you use it, you can also modify the template it is drawn from. For Door and Window schedules this data is stored in a VWX file.

1. Navigate to your Vectorworks folder and go to Libraries\Defaults\Reports~Schedules

2. Duplicate the file named Architectural Reports.vwx

3. Move the duplicate to your users files location.

For Mac:

your user name\Library\Application Support\VectorWorks\2008\Libraries\Default\Reports~Schedules

For Windows:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2008\Libraries|Default\Reports~Schedules

If any part of the path does not exist, create it.

4. If the name of the duplicate is not Architectural Reports.vwx, rename it so it is (it might have a -1 or copy appended to the name)

5. Open the Architectural Reports.vwx file in your user data folder and edit the worksheets to meet your requirement.

6. Save and close the Architectural Reports.vwx file.

7. Go to another VW file and create a schedule. It should use the modifications you made.


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You need to figure out the sort icons. These are the little "bar chart" buttons at the top of Column A.

Select a row in your database and drag one to the Column A header and one to the Column B header. This should then sort the database by Prefix and then by number.

You can sort on up to three columns at a time.


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To limit the objects shown in the database, you have to change the criteria.

In the menu under the pulldown triangle, select the option to "Show Database Headers".

Select the database header row (i.e. 4, not 4.1, 4.2 etc).

Click and hold in the row header and select Edit Criteria

You will probably get an error message. Click OK and ignore it.

In the formula bar you should see something like:

=DATABASE(((R IN ['Door']) & ('Door'.'OnSched'=TRUE)))

Edit this to something like

=DATABASE(((R IN ['Door']) & ('Door'.'OnSched'=TRUE) & ('Door'.'IDPrefix'='EXT'))

And click the green check mark.

You should get a schedule showing only the doors with a prefix of EXT.


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I'm also flailing away, trying to sort a door schedule without luck. I even watched the tutorial video about it but I don't seem to be able to get it to work. When I select a row in my database the two sort buttons turn on. When I click one or the other, all the rows are automatically selected but nothing sorts. I don't seem to be able to drag rows at all.


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