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VectorWorks in the Exhibition Stand Industry?

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I been successfully using Vectorworks for a number of years as an Exhibition Stand Designer and been very happy to do so, with no real desire to change or learn yet another program.

Recently I've been looking at possible job vacancies and whilst a few years ago these would have contained a mixture of software programs required including Vectorworks I'm finding now most requests are for Designers with knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Autocad (sometimes FormZ.)

When did this shift happen and why. Granted they were always part of the list of programs used but now every vacancy I see lists these skills.

From what I can see all these programs are not as easy to use as VW and more importantly much more expensive to maintain licenses for.

I don't really want to change but if finding work requires me to do so then so be it. So is it still being widely used, has there been in the last few years a levelling out so that for the widest potential of future employment, (to ideally learn one program) it would be to learn Studio Max with it's obvious links to Autocad.

If this question is inappropriate or people wish to discuss this via private email I'd be happy to do so. In which case please PM me via the site.

At the moment I just feel I've backed the wrong horse. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to change at all!!! I want to use VW !!! but needs must as they say.



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