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Plant tag labels too small


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Hi Gilly

To set the size of the label in advance you need to change the default text size - make sure you've got nothing selected then set the Text size to the size you require.

To retrospectively change tags you've already got, use the Tools/Custom Selection command to Select everything where Type is Plant, then change the text size for all of them in one go.

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Thanks Keith, Gilly asked this question on my behalf before I signed up to the forum!

The problem I'm having is that I am creating a planting plan for a large scheme which will then be broken across several sheets at various scales. I want the tag to display/print at 12pt on the sheets but this means that on the design layer view (drawn at 1:1) the text is tiny - even putting the font size up to 200pt makes little difference and I assume it would make the sheet views a problem!

If anyone has any further suggestions I'd be grateful. The other thing I'm struggling with is getting the tag to the right location. I'm only offered right or left when I define the plant - what I need is to be able to drag them to an appropriate position.

You may guess that this is my first planting plan with VW!!!



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Hi Dai

First off, why use 1:1 on the design layer? That's a bit of an AutoCADism and isn't the most common way of working in VW. The simple solution may be to re-scale the design layer to one of the working scales then you may find a sensible point size to use for the font so it's legible on all the sheet layers.

An alternative is to place plants in the viewport annotation space - that way you can work at different scales but use the same text size, but then if you want to use one of the standard VW plant schedules you need to edit the criteria used for the report to include components of viewports, otherwise these plants won't show. (if that makes no sense then I'd suggest you grab some coaching/training to help you get the most out of VW)

For repositioning the tags use the 2D select tool (with dynamic rescaling option turned on) there's a handle you can use to drag the plant tag to wherever you want. Left/Right controls which side of the leader line the text will appear on.

Good luck!

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Dynamic is a great description, but "interactive scaling" is the phrase used in VW Help and tool prompts. Many VW tools have several modes. The 2d Selection Tool has 3 modes of interactive scaling (disabled, single object and unrestricted) and some other options. Toggle these with the buttons in the mode bar just above upper left corner of drawing area.

I think what you are trying to do is create a plant label with text which is disassociated from the center of the 2d plant graphic. Sorry, I don't know how to do that (why can't the tag be moved and used as a callout?)

but here are some workarounds to try: Hide the tag with the tag display options in the Object Info Palette-choose "None". Then create a call out object or a text box which can be moved to any location on the drawing, with or without a leader line. Or place the plants with tags hidden, and create a key sheet or put a key on each sheet showing the 2d graphic for each plant type used- Tags visible.


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