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I created a symbol's library of different furnitures. Each item should have a catalog number, dimentions of x,y,z, and other notes.

The goal is to create a report that can sum the quantity of symbols/furnitures, and also show the other data.

I tried first using the create report, which do the summing perfectly. How and where do i enter the other data? and how do i make a report that contains all of it?

Is there a manual for reports?? do i need to know vectorscript?


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OK...got it !!!

I created fields, entered data in the object info.

Then created a report. all fields are there.

One thing missing: I want a sum by criteria , for example a catalog number. how do i add this field??? it gives me a sum of total items, instead of per item....

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1. I entered data inside the symbol, which affect the symbol and then being counted in the report.

There is also an option to enter data outside the symbol. Does that override the original symbol data?

2. I added a "quantity" field and then in the report the sum function. The report always show one item, summarized. I guess something in the definitions is wrong...but i can't find it...

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I'm having a similar problem:


Summing values rather than sumarizing lists seems to be an issue. One workaround I found (if all items have the same value) is to multiply that value by the count of items. Although some folks complain of values adding when summarizing (window widths etc.) That's what I want but can't make it happen.

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I'm a bit confused about this process as well.

I've created plumbing fixture symbols, attached record information to them, and managed to create a worksheet that successfully lists all of the plumbing fixtures. Somewhere along the way I opted to list repeat fixtures only once in the schedule based on the ID mark, e.g., if I use the same 'P-1' symbol twenty times in my drawing it only shows up on the schedule once. Very handy.

Is there a way to automatically show how many instances of the symbol are in the drawing on the worksheet? Using the example above, can I create a field that will count up my twenty P-1 symbols?


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To get only one line in my worksheet for the multiple items in my drawing, I selected the "summarize items with the same: (mark)" option in Tools/Reports/Create Reports.

The =Count formula works perferctly when I put it at the end of the database row. Completely mysterious to me why it works, but thanks so much!!


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