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Custom tool/attribute

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I am having difficulty setting up a custom tool script. Maybe I'm not understanding the limitations of the functionality in VW.

I want to set up the repetitive unit tool to use a certain symbol and settings in the object properties dialog, and set a specific class active. I then want to execute this custom tool script and get to drawing with all the correct settings. Trouble is, using the custom tool tool does not set the a current class or the correct tool, it wants to set the "massing model" tool active. Nothing seems to work like I think it should.

What am I missing?

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Hello Jonathan,

I think your missing my point. I understand how to use the custom tool/attribute command and I don't need a book or tutorial to tell me how. VW2008,sp3 does not seem to work with the repetitive unit tool. Probably because vectorscript does not have a toolid integer to identify the repetitive unit tool.


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