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(Failure on attempt to open file)

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since upgrading to 2008 SP3, this is driving me crazy. i've renamed all my files and directories and i'm still getting this.

one thing i noticed is that in the VW Backup folder, the backups that VW creates include the time and date into the backup file name...

my original file is A1_Plan_DrAllentown_10503.vwx

and VW names the backup file A1_Plan_DrAllentown_10503-Backup-20080805113643.vwx

could that be the source of this extremely annoying error??

can the time and date of the backup be tuned off??

or am i just missing something???

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i didn't change the file name... VW creates and names the backup file, not me.

if i delete the backup file, VW will successfully perform the autosave and create and name the file... and the name will be just like i mentioned in my above post... and the next time the autosave tries to execute, it fails with the "(Failure on attempt to open file)".

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