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Texture Bed

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Is this the tool to use to drape surfaces (say paths or driveways) on to a site model?

I have tried to use it - I made a closed polygon by tracing over the outline on my surveyors plan, created a class with fill and texture, and made a Texture Bed by using Convert>Objects From Polyline>Site Modifier, and made sure the class was identified everywhere. But although it's called Site Modifier in the OIP and has a blue outline, it has no fill and doesn't show in 3D.

Is there a step I've missed?

How do I get it to correspond to the site contours?

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You have to assign a class to the texture bed not from the Class pull-down menu (as you normally would), but by typing in a class name in the appropriate field (Class) via the Object Info palette, or upon creation. Assign the texture you want to the class whose name you typed in.

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