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Viewport Opacity

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Does anyone know of a way to se the opacity of a viewport? For presentation what I would like to do is create a rendered elevation viewport on a sheet layer with 3D trees, shadows etc, knock the opacity down to 30% or similar, then overlay a hidden line version of the same elevation for a really clear drawing with nice crisp lines but a suggestion of depth/ texture etc....

I can see opacity control for design layers but not for viewports, maybe there's a trick..?!

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Thanks Bill (and Peter!) - thats a really useful post, for creating the sort of drawing I'm after.

but... I'd still love to set the opacity of viewports, or fills, or ideally both. You know when CAD drawings can seem pretty heavy, particularly with trees/ foliage/ textures/ backgrounds all added in. I've come to VW from Illustrator and I often like to knock those elements down to be a lot less dominant (or add a low opacity white mask over the lower layer/s) to let the really important stuff (whatever that may be) stand out. I'll still do it by exporting the hidden line and renders separately then working in Illustrator, but really want to cut the steps in the workflow. And done in VW it would be dynamic-fantastic. Maybe one for the wish list...?!

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