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Framing members not showing correctly

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I have "framing members" in three different classes.

I have assigned a different fill colour for each class.

When I view my framing members in 3D they remain white.

I have checked all the abvious stuff like "use at creation" and checked the OIP for all the framing members is "use class attributes"

If I select a framing member and change the fill from "class" to say blue it shows as blue.

Whats going on?

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I'll take a crack at this because no one else has.

I had similar problems with framing members, notably the fact that only 'joist' displayed correctly in VP's and the attributes edited in same. Any other framing member I used refused to display correctly and could not be edited; in fact, I noted in a previous post on a related thread that if I tried to edit a framing member not specified as a joist, VW2008 went back and altered every similar object so that it displayed incorrectly on the source design layer (ie, lost any texture I had specified and turned them all a shade of grey, which I assume is some default thingie). In other words, a bug.

Admittedly, I've not revisited this since SP3 so don't know whether it's been fixed. My crude workaround was to make everything a joist that could be made a joist; rafters cannot. Hope this helps -

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