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floating roof

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can anyone help? I am modelling a cluster of small buildings with an assortment of roofs, but they seem to want to hover just above the wall!

eg., most recent is a garage with wall height 2300mm on a layer with z value of zero. Above that on the same layer (as there are a lot of wall/ roof heights it seems easier to keep G.Floor roofs on the G. Floor layer etc.) is a pitched roof (rectangle - create roof).

Double clicking a roof face shows me the bearing height to be 2300mm, but going to an elevation view makes it clear its about 2390mm - 90mm above the top of the wall!

Any ideas? - its got me stumped!

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Roof face and roof objects have different elevation reference points...and you mention both in your post.

Roof faces are set from the bottom of the eave.

Roof objects are set from the bearing point.

For a given slope, a roof face set at z=0 will be higher than a roof object set at z=0. The delta will depend on thickness of the roof face, roof object overhang, and roof object bearing height.

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Here is a little-known fact about the bearing height of Roof Faces: It aligns with the little line you draw to define slope direction. You can prove this by starting out with a Roof Object (using the Create Roof command) and then ungrouping the result (which will give you roof faces). You can also move the little line, even after creation.

Here is my advise if you want control over Roof Face bearing heights: When first creating the roof face use a shape with no overhang, then draw the little line right along the edge of the wall (which is where you want to key your bearing). After creation it is simple to add the overhangs using the Add Surface command.

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I keep all roofs on their own layer, even if they relate to different floors, and move them in 3d to the right relative height (side view).

If you put them on the floor layers they obscure the walls etc unless you move them to the back - better to put them on their own layer and use a dotted line to show eaves outline on the plan layer.

Fit Walls to Roof works better if roofs are on their own layer.

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