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Worksheets and Odd Fonts

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In my VW file I have the font set to "arial" with no "styles"

In my VW worksheet I have selected all cells and changed to "arial"

When I view the edit mode of the worksheets all the text appears to be arial but when I exit some cells are showing as like "arial narrow" or something.

When I edit the format of that particular cell it says it is arial.

Does anybody know why this is?

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On an earlier post I saw there was a problem with using characters like ? and ?, and the advise was to delete that font.

The only problem is its Arial, the standard one which comes with XP. Every other program I have uses it and the basic operating system uses it as well.

Anyone got any advise?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Do you get the same result with GDI+ Imaging ON and OFF ?

I understand from your post that the problem is with this specific cell only. What happens when you clear the cell and reformat it ?

Can you reproduce this problem consistently from a new worksheet ?



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The problem with the ? and ? characters occurs in all cells and all worksheets, and if I turn on/off appears normal.

I need GDI on all the time, is cumbersome to have to turn on/off all the time just so text appears normal

The problem with the odd font for the text is random has occured a couple of time in different files and different worksheets, seems to occur when changing the style (EG bold, italic etc or colour text)

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