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symbols and linked text

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I'm sure there is a way to get this to happen when using VectorScript. The ID tool and other tools have right reading options in the OIP. I'm sure with some good grease and a vector script book it can be done.

You may want to post it at the VS forum section or by emailing vs_support@nemetschek.net.

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Close Jim [Roll Eyes]

I've used the "Adjust Flipped Text" option, and I love it. However, while it will flip text on a mirrored symbol, or a 180? inserted symbol, and they look great, if the symbol is at an odd angle, say 33? or even 90? then the text will read left to right within the symbol, but at an angle with respect to the page.

Vectorscript, huh Katie? never tried that. sounds scary. I'll dip my toes in that water tentatively though. Wish me luck.



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