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Router Software Compatability

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I am using VW 12.5 and trying to export a .dxf for my Composer software in order for my Gerber 3d Router to cut the shapes. Ever time I do so the wrong size will appear when opened in Composer, and sometimes it won't even open. Anyone have any similar issues, or know what I am doing wrong.

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Does the same thing happen when exported as a text .dxf or a binary? As to scaling, generally speaking it's best to set up the parts to be exported in a new file with the layer scale at 1:1 and the units on the same as whatever you're exporting to. If Composer is happy in cm set VW to cm before exporting. Use an old version of .dxf - version 12 for instance, as there's less chance of misinterpretation. If V12 is too old then work up through the versions to find the oldest that will do the job.

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