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Video card woes

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I can admit when I was wrong, and well, I downloaded the latest Nvidia TNT STB video drivers tonight, and they have solved all my problems.

My screen does seem to flicker (refresh rate) slightly more than before, but I now have OPEN GL rendering back without all the jagged triangles all over the screen.

Sorry NNA. My fault for not downloading the drivers sooner.

Edward Koenig

Carmelhill Architects

Islip, NY www.CARMELHILL.com

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We were having the invisible handle selection problem and after reading through this lengthy dicussion, reinstalling VW, upgrading my operating system and getting the newest update for nvidia driver, and still having the problem, I decided I would try changing the resolution to 256 colors just for a temporary fix. When I opened the control panel I found it was already at 256 and changing it to thousands of colors fixed the problem! It had been changed over the weekend and I didn't know about it. That was the problem all along. Four hours later, I know to check the resolution first when the handles are missing!!!

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