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Cornu spiral or Track transition curve

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Hey Ron and Grant!

Thanks for your answers ;)

I know it is a tough question, sorry.

I hoped there might be already an script to built clothoids.

I need this special kind of curve to get a smooth road because normal curves won t fit in this case and i need it in a parametric kind of way.

Right now i try to figure it out via Javascript but i have no clue how VectorScript is being programmed.

Thanks a lot for your tips ;)

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-Hej Islandmon,

wow it is a really an honour that you you gonna help me out in this case but take your time if you have serious tasks to fulfill. I don t want to bug you guys too hard with that but I hoped that maybe someone else had my issue before and solved it somehow.

But thank you so much in advance ;)


Thanks a lot for your research. Sounds good to me ;) . I already found a lisp-autocad file but i don t have a clue either how to convert it into vector-script.

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