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Worksheet cells and record fields

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Is it possible to link text from a specific cell on a worksheet into a record field value? I have several hundred unique objects (with a name, number, length, etc.) and rather than enter text individually for each object, I would like to be able to transfer information directly from an imported Excel document.

If that's not enough, is it possible to change a record field value in the object info and have it update to a specific cell in the worksheet?


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Are you sure about that Islandmon? Weren't two-way worksheets one of the big new features of VW2008? Or are you talking about import of data from Excel?

To link an object to a worksheet use a formula similar to ='Record Name'.'Field Name' (you may need double quotes instead of single and you only need the quotes if you have spaces in either the record or field name.

This column will then display the data from the record attached to the object. If you manually change the data, the record is updated.

To bring data in from Excel, about your only option is copy and paste.


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This is great, it's working just fine. What I had hoped to do -- which is one half of the problem -- was to "push" the data from an imported but formatted spreadsheet into the object-specific record fields. Basically the reverse operation.

Would this be this a feature of the Architect series? I'm a Fundamental guy.

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No way to do what you are asking that I know of.

The best bet would be to create two worksheets. One with the imported data from Excel. The other would have the existing objects in the drawing sorted in the same order as the import and with the fields in the same order. Then you could copy and paste the data from the import to the other worksheet and have them flow out to the records.

If you are trying to create the objects based on an external Excel worksheet you will need to go through and write a VectorScript to do so.



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