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There is a new version wich will search for availeble records so you don't have to type the record name and field names.

Also, and this is a beauty, I added the option to print directly after the update. So when the option is checked, the command will run and will pop up the print dialog. And beleave it or not, the date and filename is updated before the printing, so no worrying about bad dates and filenames.

Note that the option for exporting to PDF is still to be worked out.

I can add 1 more thing to this: the ability to add fields that needs to be updated with a users defined string. So you can compare it to a storage for main items and let them fill in in the titleblock before printing like the name of the costumer,...

I only need to know if there are people that want this to be added, so please comment on this.

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Can't get the latest version to work. I get to see the available record names but all the field names come out as blanks. I also get a vectorscript error message when I click on the ok or cancel buttons in the prefs dialogue box.

vw 20008 sp3, windows xp

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DWorks -- looks like I got it to work (with a regular records field from our title block). Excellent script - thanks!

Would there be any way to have the script call the batch print function instead of the regular print function? That would make it absolutely perfect for us, since that's what we use to print almost everything. We'd simply assign P to your script, do all our printing that way, and never have to think about the time/filename stamp again!

p.s. my problems with the Data Stamp had to do with the fact that I'd customized my OS-X time/date format (seems that VW couldn't deal with that)

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Did you put the file in the plug-ins folder? The one from the program folder or the one of the user folder (the one you can select in vw preferences).

Also: Which version of VW are you using? This is important because the file I posted is one created with VW 2008. If you use a previous version of the software, then I'll need to convert it to a previous version.

I'm planning to update the script this weekend, so I will post next week an updated version to download.

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I have tried to get this to work, but with no luck.

I have VW2008 Architect SP3 on Vista 64bit

1. I have placed the plugins into the correct folder (currently under AppData, also tried under program files)

2. I have created a record called "Title"

field name "Date" type:number, default:5/11/08 (also tried no default and type:text)

field name "CAD" type:text, default:filename.vwx (also tried no default and type:number)

3. Create Symbol named "TitleBlock"

4. linked text to record

5. Selected the record and fields under the prefs

6. run DUpdateTitleBlocks

nothing happens

Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

thanks for any help, regards


PS. I'm now going to try this in VW2009 to see what happens

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And did the dialog find the record and its fields?

How did you fill in the dialog?

Can you post a screenshot just before clicking ok?

Has someone else had this problem?

Thankyou for helping me with this DWorks.

Please find attached my screen grabs of the various stages.

Plugin File Location:


Plugin Workspace Location:


Record fields:


Link text to record fields:


Plugin Prefs:


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Ok, so untill the last point, the prefs..., everything is done right. So it must be something else.

Is the symbol with the linked texts inside a drawing border?

You can always use a drawing border even if you just want to show the symbol. An option in the drawing border is: "Display only symbol". The command updates all drawing borders. So if the symbol is not inside a drawing border, nothing will happen.

If it is inside a drawing border, then it may be the wrong one. The drawing border that will be updated will be the "Drawing border - universal" from NNA. That's the last one they made.

Can you check this?

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This is a great tool DWork!

My suggestions are:

1. Put the time on a different line than the date. We will always want the date to appear on our title block, but the time is usually only helpful for interoffice referencing. If the time was on a different line, we could turn it off prior to client meetings or permit issues...

2. Options for date & time appearance. IE: we like to write 2008.11.21, Fri. It's minor, but worth noting.

3. I know it's been mentioned, but a batch print option would make this perfect!

This is a great script! I hope my input is useful.


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