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Tapered Thread (a l? NPT)

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I'm trying to design an experiment that requires a gas-tight seal between a piece of rigid machined plastic (Lexan polycarbonate) and flexible (Teflon PFA) gas line. In the past, we've used a tapered pipe thread (1/8 NPT) adapter for this, however I can't find how to make a tapered threaded hole or adapter in Vectorworks 2008. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's web site doesn't contain a detailed CAD drawing for downloading, and I really need the threads to be accurate. Have I missed this feature somehow?

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Using Islandmon's helix spiral idea..

Attached is 1.75 mm 5 deg taper thread with the thread form on the top left.

Formed with Loft surface in birail sweep mode using NURBS created with Helix spiral command.

The thread form is accurate and the dimensions are precise but I haven't tried any solids operations with it - this can show up dodgy geometry


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Sorry for the delay, somewhat busy.

As I recall :

- create the thread form from a reference source; a line drawing like the form on the top left of the posted attachment. Compose if needed and convert to nurbs.

- create the path using the helix spiral command; convert that to nurbs; duplicate and displace one thread pitch

- loft surface in birail sweep mode using the two spirals as the rail & the tread form as the surface.

That should get you there. I'll recreate it and post the file (lost the original) at some point...

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