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Purple Lines??


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I have a question for the designer I'm working with, he's working on 08 (i'm still on 12.5) and he has these purple lines that show up on his drawing beneath all the layers. We checked to see if it was Grid lines, loci lines or page breaks which of course its not any of those things. What are they and how do we turn them off??

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I have experienced this problem before. It is very frustrating as there is not obvious cause to it.

There is a way to get rid of the dashed purple lines. I use a mac.

Go to Preferences, then click(de-select) the Snap to Loci option. Hey presto, your lines will disappear!

I found this work around trawling the internet on some obscure sites.

I am of the assumption this works accross in PC land. I do not know what causes this but have just found a solution.

best of luck with it


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