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Sections that can be manipulated like in ArchiCAD



When you have a sectional viewport say cutting through a beam, if i want to move that beam up 500mm I have to double click on the viewport and go to the design layer where the beam exists then find that beam in top/plan view under roofs etc and then move it using the "move 3D selection".

If you view it from left/right/front/back etc the beam is hidden by the walls.

From memory in ArchiCAD you can view something in section and still be able to edit the objects.

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For different reasons, but i have similar needs . . . Got my vote.

NNA, Please note, those of us that use your software would like you to listen to us and our requirements, we invest in VW to improve and speed up our "Drawing Experience", therefore a sympathetic ear on your part might keep your customers, customers.

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