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Viewshed/ZVI analysis - can Vectorworks do this?

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Can Vectorworks be used to do viewshed/Zone of Visual Influence analysis(ZVI)analysis?

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yes it can, i have used a DTM of the site i am working on, then took an average height for any woodland and built up areas around the site and modeled this on, using send to surface to get them onto the DTM.

you can then use the ZVI function in landmark to give you a theoretical ZVI, basically you put a light at the centre of your site or where you wish, and this then projects light out onto the model, everywhere which has shadows falls outside the ZVI. this works better if you have renderworks as the shadows look better, but it works anyway.

Remember that this is only theoretical, and is only as good as your modeling of the surrounding landscape.

I know that you can get 2 types of height data, i think one is called 'bald earth' which shows exactly that, just the contours of the land, and then i think you can get another type of height data which has the heights of trees and buildings on it, i havent experimented with the latter but might try it in the near future if a good project arises.

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On 20/06/2008 at 5:06 PM, monkey said:

...you can then use the ZVI function in landmark...


Does this exist? I've tried looking for (and indeed googling!) a ZVI function in Landmark but can't seem to locate it... (though appreciate this is an old post and functionality may have been removed?)

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I'm looking to migrate towards Vectorworks and having this capability could be the deal maker. 


Can anyone share their experiences of using ZVI/ZTV Viewshed analysis within Vectorworks. What are the strengths/weaknesses etc.


I'm from the UK and I'm hoping I can use governement aerial LiDAR data which natively comes in a .asc format. Is vectorworks capable of reading this directly, or should I be looking to add a conversion step in there via QGIS or something?



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