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Importing Architects dwg files

Stephen Comber


I use VW12 Landmark. We import a lot of dwg files from architects/ surveyors/ engineers. When preparing our landscape plans we do not require all the classes to be visible so we go through the process of turning off and/or on classes as necessary.

When we receive an updated dwg file and import it into our landscape plan we have to go through the process of turning off and/or on classes again to match our original setup.

Is there any way of getting VW to turn off and/or on dwg classes to match the previous drawing setup when importing an updated AutoCAD file?


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Expanding a little on what Ray said, you could create a template file by deleting all drawing objects but keeping all the architect's classes, with the right ones turned on. Import into a blank file, as Ray said (a plain blank file, not necessarily based on that template file), then Select All, Copy, and Paste-in-Place from the import file into a new file based on the template.

If you want to bring the architect's stuff into your own file, and maybe replace the last version they sent you, consider reserving a layer for it, with none of your stuff on that layer. Paste everything from the import file onto that layer. Pasting puts everything onto the active layer but in whatever class it was in before, creating any class that's not already in the target file. Then, when you get a new version, just delete that layer. That will delete everything that was in the old version, even things in classes that are turned off. Don't purge, or you'll lose the class settings. Create that layer again, or maybe create a new one called ArchVersion37, and paste from the import file onto that layer.

I made it sound complicated, but the whole procedure takes a few seconds.

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Would it be possible to use Workgroup Referencing (WGR) in VW12 in a way similar to VW2008 Design Layer Viewports (DLVPs) to solve this problem.

Import dwg file into a blank VW file & save with a generic name like arch_background.

WGR arch_background into your work file and set layer & class visibilities as you'd like them.

When architect updates dwg file, import into new blank VW file & save over old arch_background.

Update WGR in your work file.

I've only really used VW2008 so I haven't used WGR in 12. Not sure if there are subtleties that I'm missing or if I'm completely wrong but it seems like this should work.

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