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3D working planes

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Can anyone give us some hints about dealing with working planes in 3D drawings? We're trying to learn this on our own (and hoping that one of the seminars in Seattle or Minneapolis listed on the seminars webpage will turn out to be the 3D one). In the meantime, we have a drawing that has half a dozen working planes that we created aligned with the sides of a septic tank (don't ask). But when we tried to go back and use the working planes, they seem to have disappeared. Several hours of messing with this and re-doing it have not helped. We've been through the tutorial that comes on the VW CD-Rom.

What we're trying to do is create a 3-D drawing of a septic tank that has sloping sides and a removable lid. Also has two interior chambers. The idea is that once we get the 3-D version of it, we can print any view or cross-section without having to do separate drawings.

Thanks in advance--

Valerie McKay

RLK Hydro, Inc.

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Did you use add to give the working plane a name and to permanently save it? You can scroll between working planes that are automatically saved but I have a hard time remembering which ones are which unless I give them a name. If you do give them a name then double click on the name rather than using the right left arrow buttons. There shouldn't be a problem returning to the ground plane if you double click on it. You can't, at least I can't, get back to the ground plane by using the left right arrow buttons.

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We are water engineering consultants in the UK are are just beginning to look into drawing things like water chambers and tanks in 3D

Would you be interested in sending us a sample of your work so that we can see the type of results that we are expected to produce?


If not could you at least allow me to send you a piece of our work so that you could give us a mark out of ten or something, and any tips on improvements would be gratefully recieved.

Bear in mind that Vectorworks has been self taught, and we dont have Renderworks.



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