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Vectorworks or other open*gl apps (Archicad, artlantis etc) on MacBook?

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Hello everybody!

I'm considering buying of Apple notebook and I can't decide which one. If I prefer portability or performance. Honestly I like macbook much, because of it's design and size, but as a student of architecture I would like to use software like modo or vectorworks... Do you have some experience with performance of these programmes on MacBook? If yes, rsvp.

Thank you a lot!

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Vectorworks is great on a MacBook.

Do yourself a favor and get a 17" MacBook Pro, that extra screen size is extremely valuable when you are trying to manage all of your tools/menus around the edges of your drawing, and it helps to see more of what you are working on without so much zooming in and out...and don't skimp on the memory, max it out, you'll be a happy camper for a long time.

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I agree with gmm18 about the larger screen size being an added plus with the 17" MacBook. However, that bit of larger size makes it a pain to carry around - so if you are looking for something easily portable (especially if you travel on a plane much) then go with the 15" MacBook. You still have options to max everything out when you order one.

Personally, I would go for the desktop. The Mac Pro's have so much power and flexibility with how much you want to put into the machine. And with it's two DVI outputs, you can hook up dual 17"+ flatscreens that will really make navigating VW, drawings, and multiple windows much much easier.

But either way you choose - Mac's are great investments if you choose to use VW as your drafting program.

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I agree with CraigCTC - don't bother with the 17" - your back will thank you. Get a 15", max out the RAM at 4Gb and you'll be happy. To be honest, the Macbook is way more 'portable' than the 15" MBP in that it's lighter and more durable and if you're traveling to a lot of sites with your mac you may prefer the less delicate system. The MBP is nice with it's backlit keyboard in a dark theater but it's much more expensive than MB if that matters. Also you can expand the desktop on the MB with an external monitor just like the MBP so maybe arranging to get an external LCD on site will give you what you need.

Also, I have a dual Mac Pro Tower and the 15" MacBookPro. To be honest the desktop is a far better machine and I much prefer to draw on it than the MBP. If only the MBP were made of plastic...I miss my Pismo.

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