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"Framing Member" field: span in worksheet

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I have used the "framing member" tool for all of my beams.

I have created a record format called "engineered beams"

And have used the database feature of the worksheet to give me info for the engineered beams.

One of the fields on the OIP for a "framing member" is "span", how can I get this into my worksheet.

I know I could use (=width) but this only works for beams in the vertical orientation.

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Oh, because the Framing Member is a "Tool" it doesn't have

parameters. What the FM Tool is doing is actually inserting other PIO's, such as:





So look up any of those items in the Plug-in Editor and under

Parameters you will find all of the record names for that object.

EDIT: I think I am wrong here...see below...sorry...

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Okay, well I found "Rafter" in the Plug-in Editor, but that is a "Legacy PIO"...so I think I was wrong before...

I used that "PIO cheat sheet worksheet" command I mentioned in another post

after selecting a Framing Member and this is what it gives:

(weird though b/c you would think these would be displayed in the Plug-in Editor)


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The "worksheet cheat sheet" only displays the fields that are associated with the PIO record. There are certainly other data that is available for all objects like Height and Depth.

Remember that worksheets currently have no way to access 3D ('Z') data unless it is included in either a PIO or custom record.


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