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Service Pack 3 changelog

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I am having HUGE problems with SP3:

- screen does not redraw, leaving "ghosts" after I move an object;

- as reported elsewhere, move by points no longer makes a copy when (on mac) pressing option;

- The mirror tool seems to be buggy, leading sometimes, but not always, to crashes...

- other crashes too, unexplained (which did not happen with the same project before upgrade ... ;(

This is my first upgrade (new user!) and I am quite disappointed.

Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade back to SP2?

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Thanks jkelly.

I am just curious: what happened? I think I will wait a day or so before I re-grade myself. It would be nice, though, to know what ya'll have been working on with SP3 ...

I am hoping (?) that after a day or so it might settle down. Otherwise I will re-grade myself.

Thanks for paying attention though! That is quite nice...

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Guest jkelly

I don't know, that is pretty odd. I'd encourage you to submit a bug so that we can look into the issues you are having.

If you reinstall start a thread here letting everyone know how you are making out.

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Greetings all.

As suggested by jkelly, I attempted to re-apply (downgrade) to SP2.

I used the "UpdateToVW2008SP2R3" which I had kept a back up of.

It worked for some time, then, reported, "No Update Needed..."

Unfortunately, I didn't get a screenshot.

So, I am still in SP3 which, as I said, feels much more instable to me than SP2R3 did.

Oh well.

jkelly - can you PM me a link to another file which might be able to downgrade me?

That would be great.

best to all.

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Greetings Ray.

Yes, I ran the disk utilities, repair permissions, etc. using TinkerTool System.

It seems everything else is running fine on my machine.

I think you are right though, which is why, I am thinking just to leave the system for a day or two, just draw some more and be sure to make lots of backups.

But, the option-move thing not working is a real bummer for my workflow and also, the screen redraw thing is not so nice. But maybe it will settle down...

In any case, I have no choice beyond a full install, which I would like to avoid....

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Guest jkelly

Ah, my apologies. I think I created some confusion. The updater will not allow a downgrade, you will have to reinstall and reapply SP2. Unfortunately the logic involved in creating the ability to downgrade properly would be very complex, I don't see that coming any time soon. :/

So yes, you'd need to reinstall, then download SP2 again:


and then re-apply it. If you have reproducible problems, though, I'd really urge you to file a bug on it.

As far as a changelist, unfortunately I'm not aware of a detailed one being created, but here's the blurb on what has changed:

"We are committed to providing continual improvements of our software based on user-feedback and internal testing. With this update, we focused on enhancing the behavior of referenced files in rotated plan, custom user origins, and design layer viewports when used in combination with each other," explains Paul Pharr, Chief Technology Officer for Nemetschek North America.

In addition, VectorWorks 2008 is now certified with 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator - a 3D mouse that can easily control and maneuver the 3D environment, which allows for a streamlined design process that increases productivity. Service Pack 3 also allows DXF/DWG file translation for machines running 64-bit Windows operating systems with 4GB of memory.

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  • Administrator

We sometimes post detailed lists of fixes, but this time we posted more general information. This is from the Check For Updates page:

NNA has released Service Pack 3 for VectorWorks 2008. It contains improvements to a broad array of VectorWorks functionality. File referencing, design layer viewports, modified user origins, and plan rotation (especially when used in combination) saw a concentrated series of fixes and improvements.

VectorWorks 2008 SP3 is now a certified application for use with the 3D Connexion Space Navigator 3D controller.

VectorWorks now supports DXF/DWG import/export on machines with 4GB of RAM when running nuder 64 bit Windows operating systems.

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as a user since VW7 i was impressed by the old system DG

had where bugs were listed with the version they were fixed

in. it was long list + it was mostly filled with 'fixed' items.

it really gave the impression that DG was hard at

work 'fixing things'

the 3 paragraphs you quote makes it sound like SP3 has

5 'fixes', which is rather pathetic for an SP designation.

it may be that as VW progresses and 'new' features are

constantly added, that the bug list has got out of control

and will never be able to be addressed. the ad/PR hacks at

NNA may fear that this list being published may indicate to

some that VW is not a 'good' application.

however, from all the queries we see for REAL information

about what has been fixed in each update/SP i think it

would be better to be honest and publish a list of fixes.

people want the information to know how it will affect

their everyday work.

to constantly ignore the issue or publish corporate PR puff

only gives the impression of a company hiding non-performance.

which doesn't fill customers with joy + confidence.

i think VW is a great system, but my confidence is eroded

by this issue.

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  • Administrator

Good morning, Mr. Scott.

I'm glad you have given us a straightforward to restore your confidence. We have in fact fixed many more than 5 bugs for SP3. And the ad/PR hacks at NNA can be held blameless in this decision as it was made by the CTO hack.

If you can stretch your imagination a little, you may be able to understand there are other things that I prioritize over documenting all of the details of every change we make to the software for a maintenance release sufficiently that they can be posted on the download page. This can easily consume 25% more time overall which results in 25% fewer things getting attention, and we are forced by our competition to be as efficient as possible.

Here is the unedited list - I hope it proves useful and brings back your confidence. [if I included the full descriptions, this document would run 50 printed pages.]

B059244 unneccessary regen - on Viewport - when opening old WGR dialog

B061104 Heavily referenced document has issues.

B061887 OpenGL creating strange artifacts when rendering extruded objects

B062347 There is a trouble ?i Round Wall ?jM&W .

B063534 VW2008 SP2 -All Section VPs require regeneration when a new SVP is created

B063546 OpenGL Shading inconsistent with Shadows on : JBC

B063616 Deleting data from database cell also deletes column formula : JBC

B063691 Text is disappearing

B064059 Can't correctly print this file

B064123 SLVP allows only one use of Flyover tool at a time

B064130 VW 2008 cannot export as DXF/DWG in Vista 64

B064195 "Export DXF/DWG" and "ImportDXF/DWG" do not work on 64bit OS.

B064209 Layer options affect active layers display especially for DLVP

B064280 13.0.x IFC-DEV Branch -Space object error -GSA Space Data

B064303 Import a long list of Design Layers (with their objects) VW crashes.

B064316 File saved on networks using SMB connection becomes invisible

B064342 "CreateText" makes a "mojibake" string.

B064365 13.0.x IFC-DEV Branch-IFC import errors: Space Names and Numbers

B064392 Plant Reports imported from 12.5 refer to Botanical name -should be latin

B064393 Plant Record Quantity field is the wrong type

B064400 File sizes are getting huge if files have references

B064401 Unneccesary layers are being referenced if file has multiple levels of reference

B064417 Plant Tag goes blank after editing Plant Definition

B064422 Plant Tag goes blank after editing Plant Definition

B064436 AHA: Walls can not be joined in plan rotation

B064449 Text disappears in text blocks

B064450 Application title bar flickers and OIP takes time to update

B064454 Batch convert problem with slash character

B064459 Plant Graphics Disappear in Rotated Plan View

B064468 Contents of SLVPs of DLVPs are rotated incorrectly after a reference update

B064474 VW Crash on Hide Class in Viewport : JBC

B064477 Updating one section VP marks others out-of-date

B064480 VW Crashes when cancel button clicked in light properties dialog box

B064524 Move by points tool changes stacking order of objects

B064557 Plant Placement from Resource Browser is Miles Away

B064580 VW on Win Crashing when saving, "VW Backup" folder to mapped network drive

B064590 AHA: Viewport on sheet layers become empty when deleting the reference

B064597 Change Plant Grouping Moves Plants in Rotated View

B064604 KLS: Import Shape causes crash in SP2

B064608 Import shapefile: Last character of each data base line lost.

B064624 Vectorworks crashes when trying to import a test file.

B064637 VW Crashes when attempting to simultaneously delete multiple items from a wall

B064648 Texted and Zoom affected when exporting image file

B064650 "GetFolder" seems not to work correctly.

B064651 The multiple Volume Server descriptors causing open files no longer to be saved

B064657 Double byte characters disappear (True Type to polyline)

B064675 Print Problem(Japanese Student Version)

B064682 ATH: When importing a shape with a DBF then VW crashes

B064685 Show other objects while in groups preferences messing up plant graphics in 2d

B064691 Worksheet database rows cannot "see" a window in a dormer

B064698 Deleting a cell's contents in a 2-way worksheet deletes the database formula

B064703 KLS: Symbol must not be related to a class with umlaut at creation

B064742 Dormer Windows do not show up in Window Schedule

B064768 PS printer does not work(GDI Image is turned on)

B064809 In some case, "HAngle" doesn't return object's angle.

B064838 VW 13.0.1 crash on Mac Intel

B064860 Referenced file causes the target file to crash on open

B064872 DLVP Referenced file update is moving the 2d origin in the file having the updat

B064896 Wish:Duplicate along path command lacks previous feature of the old tool

B064903 Move by Points tool creates a copy of the Section Viewport Section Line marker.

B064919 Colored texts are printed as black. (GDI)

B064920 The colored texts become black.(PDF)

B064925 VW12 doc, exported from VW2008 doc with external references, crashes VW2008

B064928 Viewport Cache not effective

B064981 Space nav: Control panel doesn't come up when the focus is on VW document

B064993 Old style reference fails if special character appears in folder name

B064994 VW-2008 when exporting a file to VW-11 file size increases

B065018 AHA: Umlauts (??? etc) in relative paths are not supported on Windows

B065032 Clip tool is haphazard after issuing an undo/redo and frequently crashes VW

B065063 Crash when trying to edit definition of a plant.

B065071 Problem with Line Markers opening a VW 9 file

B065079 "Batch Convert..." doesn't work with folders with a "/"

B065096 MAC: "Batch Convert..." doesn't work with files with a "/"

B065115 Obj Info > VP > Set View: no preview of settings if "Parameters are absolute..."

B065123 Multiple volumes folder being created

B065146 VW crashes in TDFileGet tdPort is nil

B065155 Transparent Bitmap Images randomly print without Transparency : JBC

B065159 DOM: Changing User Origin with Referenced Viewports and rotated Plan

B065182 Unexpected shift of user origin by DWG export while Rotated Plan is TRUE

B065189 User Origin Shift - Total Attack (commands run while Rotate Plan = TRUE)

B065196 Custom Radiosity color-coded preview doesn't work in viewports on Windows

B065197 Round wall texture code misidentifies the wall as a straight wall

B065201 OpenGL shadows get washed out as white when set at "High"

B065255 Viewport Referenced Material Shifting

B065262 List Browsers whose columns are set to zero crash VW or dialog un-exitable

B065265 Plant Tool crashing when French library file is translated.

B065292 Booleans(Add, clip, intersect) fail when the objects are far away from origin.

B065321 Revision Marker: resets document's text vert. alignm. without restoring prev val

B065322 Data Stamp: resets document's text vertical alignment without restoring prev val

B065323 Scale Bar: resets document's text vertical alignment without restoring prev val

B065325 Slope Dimension: resets doc text vertical alignment without restoring prev val

B065326 Grid Bubble: resets doc's text vertical alignment without restoring prev val

B065331 MAC: Copy - Paste create a hatch with the name NNA#.....

B065333 The VectorScript procedure PopAttrs is not resetting text vertical alignment.

B065340 File save fails and creates tmp file without warning

B065350 Export PDF and Transparent Images

B065360 Operations in SVPs take too long, maybe forever

B065380 MAC: Lost objects in referenced viewports

B065390 MAC: Class of new referenced symbol is not visible

B065401 Objects are being deselected when zooming out

B065415 3D Analysis tool Interrogation Mode Crashes VW

B065420 CreatePaintFromImage BIG Memory Leak in PIO's

B065440 Import of this shape file cause vw to crash

B065443 The folder name of Japanese becomes "Mojibake".(Choose VW Plants)

B065454 Shape import crashes VW

B065458 Vectorworks 2009 error message.

B065483 Batch Convert failing to convert a handful of files from a large selection

B065496 Rotated Plan inside of symbols has problems with rectangles

B065504 Rotate Plan and the Origin Shift is not fixed

B065508 Class View Failure after reference update

B065550 Open a file that contains references to other files on the server is slow

B065554 KLS: Objects in Ref. viewport get displaced if source file have rotated plan.

B065571 Batch Convert breaking referenced files, VW is still looking for .mcd files

B065596 649 - Rotated plan - Repositioning rectangle goes wrong

B065736 DLVPs shifting under crop

B065759 Wall Join within a symbol crashes VW everytime.

B065775 DLVPs moving after Rotate View

B065793 Interrupting Lighting Device placement causes origin shift

B065839 MAC: Crash if change hatch in wall

B065937 Referenced files cause crash in SP3

B065939 IFC export - Wall geometry errors

B064658 Plant tool reacts badly to origin change : JBC

B064677 MAC: Convert of unsaved walls is broken

B065319 Storypole: resets document's text vertical alignment without restoring prev val

B065501 AHA: Shifted origin when using references and plan rotation

B065502 AHA: Referenced objects have wrong positions when using plan rotation

B065503 AHA: Referenced objects have wrong positions when using plan rotation 02

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If you can stretch your imagination a little, you may be able to understand there are other things that I prioritize over documenting all of the details of every change we make to the software for a maintenance release sufficiently that they can be posted on the download page. This can easily consume 25% more time overall which results in 25% fewer things getting attention, and we are forced by our competition to be as efficient as possible.

Is cutting corners and efficiency the same thing? Anyway, sounds to me like you need better bug closing procedures. Why not, for instance, have the person closing the bug enter a useful description of the fixed bug, then all you need to do is copy these descriptions to a relevant knowledge base webpage when you issue the software, and add a link to this page from the software download page.

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