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big ron


Hi friends,

at first, sorry for my not perfect english. i am german.

I have some wishes for the next vectorworks/ renderworks or maybe an update.

i have noticed that it isn?t possible to abort a started render process. that is very annoying, because sometimes i am rendering over hours. if you notice some fault or you want to addjust your 3d model, you have to wait to the end of the render process.

my first suggestion:

it should be possible to save halftone images in chosen format before you start rendering your 3d model. so you don?t need to render twice times (first for render it in vectorworks and then render (saving) it when export it as halftone image). if you save it before you are rendering, you can save a lot of time.

my second suggestion:

renderworks should open a seperate window for render processes. and it should always be possible to close the window and in so far abort the render process, if you want to. so it is possible to work more economical, because you are saving time not waiting for the render process ending

both suggestion should be combined. take a look at artlantis studio (render engine program). artlantis studio includes this function and it works perfect and fast.

thank you and best regards

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It is sometimes difficult to abort a rendering. I always make sure I save the file and have backups before I start rendering, then I can force quit VectorWorks to stop it. Not an ideal solution, but it works.

Check out the Render Bitmap tool in the Visualization palette, it will create an image without having to render first.

To be able to assist better, it would be good to know your version of VectorWorks and computer specs including OS. Create a signature with the info at the My Stuff link at the top, My Profile.

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