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I have just discovered DTM and I think that it is probably the most difficult thing that I have used in vectorworks!!!

My question is once you have created your terrain, how easy is it to begin drawing things onto it? the best example that i can think of is a bunker when trying to create a golf course? thanks for your help!

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the DTM tool needs alot of work. the only way to create a bunker is to adjust the contours of the DTM. I have wish-listed the ability to remove or add solids to/from DTMs. I understand that the new 'landmark' add-on package may address this, but i'm not sure.


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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thanks for your reply,

I dont suppose you could help me obtain a copy of this add-on in the UK?

also how did you learn about how to use the DTM tools??

thanks for your help

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Landmark is a new industry specific add on that Nemetschek sells like "Architect" except for landscape architecture, so whoever you got VW from should be able to get it for you. I don't know much about it but there is a section on it on the VW web site.

There used to be a DTM manuel you could download from the supports section of the VW wed site, but I can't find it now. As I recall it was in PDF formatt and was fairly comprehensive. Does anyone know where it went?

Good Luck

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Look in the Vectorworks folder \VWHelp\Onlinemanuals.

There's the pdf document called "v8dtm.pdf".



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alternativly it can be reached through the help menu while in VWs. Go to VectorWorks Help and select the online help (top centre). the DTM pdf can then be accessed.

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The online manual should help with this. DTM's are very difficult until you practice them, very much like the main program is for new users or switch-over users. The important thing is to learn the concept and tools, then you will be flying through the creation of DTM's.

The key is that you must work in context. Remember that you cannot have two points at the same location or crossing (this would allow two heights at the same point and that is not possible, therefore the program will give you an error). If you have a high elevation for the start and a very limited total height, drop the starting point. I.e., if you have a mountain where you are placing a building/house that the structural design begins at 9,100 feet and the total height of the structure/land is 9,300 feet, unless you absolutely need to show the entire mountain begin your heights at a zero layer height. Note that it is beginning at 9,000 feet. This will give you a total of 300 feet on the layer, however it will also keep the integrity and display of the drawing from becoming potentially internally inaccurate and unable to be displayed.

Use polygons or polylines. Convert them to 3D, set the heights with the Object Info and if you wish one polygon/line to be of a different height be sure you are setting a delta z according to Vertex Only rather than Entire Object. To create a bunker as you mentioned, there are two ways of doing this. First, create the shape of the outer edge of the bunker. You may either duplicate the polygon (without offsetting), scale it down (under the tool menu) and set a different height proportionally with the original, or you may place 3D locus points and set heights to them. The program will automatically calculate and design what you have given it.

Again, DTM creation is much like VectorWorks in that only at first does it seem difficult and complex, however once you put everything in context and begin to think "how do I create this?" then you will find that the DTM works the same.

LandMark (http://www.nemetschek.net/landmark/index.html) is available for Pre-order at this time. It is expected to be shipping shortly however there is no date at this time. If you wish additional information, please contact the sales department. In the United States the number is 410-290-5114. If you are not in the United States please contact your local distributor if you have one. If you are not sure if there is a local distributor, the link below will lead you to a list.


If you have further questions, please contact Tech Support from the distributor that you are registered with. If they cannot answer a question, which is unusual, they will contact Nemetschek, N.A. for an answer. You must have purchased from Nemetschek, N.A. to receive support directly due to distribution contracts.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

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thanks for you help

my latest problem is that i can just about create a DTM now, but it is superseeded in the air. i have downloaded the pdf help and printed it out, and it shows on the cover a golf hole. i understand the basics about how to create it now, but the hole show a terrain like i have done, but it starts at ground level. the way that i tried to do it was to set my locus points where i wanted them, and duplicate them in exactly the same position and set them to 0 height.


please help...........

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