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QTVR rendering way too dark? Why?

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I'm enquiring about QT Virtual Reality Export- How can lighting be controlled or changed? Can the Heliodon tool(from OZcad) be used to control lighting- if so how? Or the Sun tool?

I am setting up the model with a light source, but the finished product is rendering way too dark?

Any suggestions would be appreciated...

Many thanks,


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I was having a similar problem with prints that were dark, and posted in the printing/plotting forum because I thought it was a printer problem, however

"The answer is in View>Lighting> Set Layer Lighting Options. Boost ambient level, change to Daylight temperature instead of Mixed.

I use Julian Carr's Heliodon sun program, but the VW sun tool is probably similar. I boosted the Sun Brightness as well which gives darker shadows, and suddenly the model is in bright sunshine."

See if that helps.

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