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set print area?

John McA



Used to the older VW and curious how the set print area is done now.

My std. 24in by 36in wide sheet keeps defaulting to multiple pages. Looping.

Can someone lead me by the nose thru the steps to set up a document or, to

take a document that is behaving as stated above and, fix the print area?

We usually send .pdf out to the print shop so, this may be moot by now. Unless they return multiple partial hardcopy which would not be uh, very sustainable.


John McA

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Page size and number of pages is now set in the File Menu in the Page Setup command.

If you are using a paper size not supported by your current printer, check the box that says "Choose size unavailable in printer setup" and then pick the size in the "Size" pulldown.

If you are using a paper size that is supported by your printer, click the "Printer Setup..." button and pick the printer and paper size.

For PDFs, I recommend the PDF export (File Menu:Export:PDF) rather than using the OS Print to PDF function. There is a box in the PDF export dialog that says "Export the Whole Printable area as one page" this will make sure that you only get a single page PDF.


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If the printable area is less than the defined paper size, vectorworks will spread it across multiple sheets.

For example if your printer only prints 23.25" X 35.25" and you set your sheet up as 24" X 36", then Vectorworks will spread it out and try to print it as four sheets.

So...set your sheet layers up to be one page rather than 24" X 36"...it was probably reading at 1.0012 X 1.0035 pages or something like that.

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Thanks Pat and everybody - great answers and spot on responRx.

I love VW.

Now I have to go to work and get a beating at the office (with windows and Autodesk - exploded xrefs and a minimum of 4 crashes daily) which is really starting to annoy. . .

John McA

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